To Sen. Joseph Lieberman

For his courage — and possible political suicide — in following his conscience in regard to Iraq. Like McCain, Lieberman has, when necessary, been a severe critic of the administration’s handling of …

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Strategic redeployment

The only measure of where and when to use our military forces is: Does it make us safer? More than 2½ years into the continuous deployment of more than 100,000 troops to …

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Building an Iraqi Army

There was Sgt. Noah, the tough, squared-away Iraqi soldier who had no problem giving orders to anyone — including American journalists. And there was the nameless, smiling Iraqi private with his shopping …

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Fallujah: The iconic battle

Two perspectives on a turning point for U.S. strategy in Iraq

There is considerable bloodshed, but little battle, in most accounts of the war in Iraq. Acts of terrorism and small-unit skirmishes, …

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An open letter to President Bush

D ear Mr. President:

I served in the Pentagon as a political appointee in your first administration and support your policy in Iraq. I believe, as you do, that victory there is …

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To President Bush

The series of four speeches he made, along with the release of the National Security Council “Victory Strategy,” may or may not achieve the immediate goal of pumping up his poll numbers, …

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Tipping period

Assessing the next phase in Iraq

American soldiers and strategists in the Vietnam War were forever in search of a “tipping point” that would tilt the balance of forces in Southeast Asia …

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To Sen. John McCain

Even before the president spoke out, the senator from Arizona helped to slow the rush of public opinion toward retreat from Iraq. Whatever effect the senator’s speeches and press appearances ultimately have …

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Know your enemy

Al-Qaida’s leaders and their strategy

As the “war against Islamic radicalism” — President Bush’s new designation for what used to be the war on terrorism — enters its fourth year, it is …

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Write at your own risk

Ralph Peters believes that senior Army leadership encourages written criticism from its junior leaders (“Fighting and writing,” October). I wonder what Army he served in. The small numbers of junior officers who …

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