The Air Force terminologist will: manage the Air Force Military Terminology Standardization Program ?

Who marshals neologisms, new meanings and nonwords? In the Air Force, it takes a terminologist. To be fair, the

tech industry uses this term as well (“The main

tasks of a terminologist …

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QDR’s crucial question

Sometime late this month or perhaps early in February the Pentagon will release its report on the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), by my count the fifth attempt of the “post-Cold War …

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Measuring success

How can we know if we are succeeding in Iraq? This is one of the central problems facing the Bush administration, and America, today. The counts of “enemy” bodies that characterized the …

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This theory won’t fly

I take issue with retired Maj. Gen. Scales’ article, “The shape of brigades to come” [October]. Scales claims that Special Forces operations in Afghanistan and Northern Iraq, and the Stryker’s deployment in …

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To President Bush

The series of four speeches he made, along with the release of the National Security Council “Victory Strategy,” may or may not achieve the immediate goal of pumping up his poll numbers, …

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Much ado about QDR

Quadrennial Defense Review triggers great anxiety, little change

The QDR is winding down, at last. The Quadrennial Dread Ritual, that is.

Every four years, senior military officials and defense industry executives drive …

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Tipping period

Assessing the next phase in Iraq

American soldiers and strategists in the Vietnam War were forever in search of a “tipping point” that would tilt the balance of forces in Southeast Asia …

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Know your enemy

Al-Qaida’s leaders and their strategy

As the “war against Islamic radicalism” — President Bush’s new designation for what used to be the war on terrorism — enters its fourth year, it is …

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What the United States wants

There is no issue in American long-range strategic policy that exceeds in importance the question of the United States’ relationship with Japan. It is the only one of America’s alliances that is …

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Write at your own risk

Ralph Peters believes that senior Army leadership encourages written criticism from its junior leaders (“Fighting and writing,” October). I wonder what Army he served in. The small numbers of junior officers who …

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