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August 9, 2014  

1930: In case you missed it

From the archives: August 9, 1930

[Editor’s note: Here’s what passed for an ICYMI during the Great Depression.]

Did You Read…

…the following important stories last week?

Army: Representative Henry E. Barbour Comments on the Tank Situation; Roster of Officers of the 1930-31 Classes at the Cavalry School; Editorial Affiliation of Branch Journals Urged; U.S. Military Academy Cadetships Open; 35th Infantry Celebrates Its 14th Anniversary; Ammunition Production Increases; A Military Road Over Kole Kole Pass Opened?

Navy-Marine Corps: Many Problems Face Navy General Board in Study of Construction Program; Joint Ceremony at Puget Sound Navy Yard on Labor Day; Germany’s New Cruisers Expected to Make Her a Sea Power Again; Bureau of Aeronautics Will Experiment With Use of Seaplanes on Submarines; Work of Marine Corps in Nicaragua Praised by Collector General of That Country; Navy Expects to Meet Naval Aviator Shortage by 1931?

General: Pay-Promotion Board Will Not Attempt to Devise One Promotion System?

If not, you did not read the Army and Navy Journal. You can not get this vital information from any other source.


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Its approaching a year that AFJ has been on hiatus.  I hope the decision is made to reactivate this publication/website comes soon.  The US Military needs this forum to debate and grow its future leaders.