They were able to retask it during the execution of a preplanned mission ?

Pity the poor noun “task,” so frequently verbed and now subjected to prefixing as well. If adding “re-” to a verb generally means “to do it again,” shouldn’t retasking an aircraft mean …

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To Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

For his legislation demanding that the Army’s field manual on prisoner treatment be used as the Defense Department standard. In the wake of scandals at Abu Ghraib in Iraq and elsewhere — …

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The Taliban lost the war in Afghanistan, but still bedevils coalition efforts to establish security

After the two Chinook helicopters descend from the cobalt sky and land amid a flurry of whirring rotors and flying grit, 48 figures emerge from their ramps.

At their head is 2nd …

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Echoes of 1863

Armed Forces Journal published its first issue — under the banner Army and Navy Journal — on Aug. 29, 1863. The Civil War then was at its height, with the North winning …

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