The sleeping service

The Navy has a brilliant future — if it wakes up

If any service is out of sight and out of mind in our present wars, it’s the Navy. Even our Air …

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Osama bin Laden: a ‘worthy enemy’

America is engaged in a war of survival against an enemy unlike any our country has fought. We have been so engaged for the best part of a decade, and yet we …

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To Sens. James Talent and Joseph Lieberman

For adding an amendment to the defense authorization bill recommending that the Air Force purchase additional C-17 cargo aircraft. The C-17 buy has been artificially capped at 180 aircraft — despite the …

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In this issue

Aaron Friedberg (“What the United States wants”) is professor of politics and international affairs at the Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School. He is the author of “The Weary Titan: Britain and the …

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Finesse trumps firepower

New threats and technologies are returning the Air Force to its roots

It is sometimes said of Americans that they have high hopes for the future and little sense of the past. …

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Unfortunate parallels

While reading “Occupation 101” by Ralph Peters in the September issue, I was struck by the sad parallels between planning for the occupation of Iraq and planning for Hurricane Katrina on the …

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Price break

Lawmakers press Pentagon to rein in spiraling costs

U.S. Congress has set its sights on cutting what it perceives to be alarming rises in weapon costs. The head of the House Armed …

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Transforming the alliance

While the American public and most policymakers have fixated on the war in Iraq, and Asian hands flagellate themselves over the rise of China, the Bush administration has been quietly and successfully …

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A split on strategy?

On Oct. 11 the White House released a translation of a communiqué from al-Qaida’s second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, to the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The letter, dated July 9, …

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Spec ops Marines

The Corps joins the commando community

The Marine Corps, for two decades the only service that was not part of U.S. Special Operations Command, plans to establish a SOCom unit to deploy …

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