Price break

Lawmakers press Pentagon to rein in spiraling costs

U.S. Congress has set its sights on cutting what it perceives to be alarming rises in weapon costs. The head of the House Armed …

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Transforming the alliance

While the American public and most policymakers have fixated on the war in Iraq, and Asian hands flagellate themselves over the rise of China, the Bush administration has been quietly and successfully …

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Spec ops Marines

The Corps joins the commando community

The Marine Corps, for two decades the only service that was not part of U.S. Special Operations Command, plans to establish a SOCom unit to deploy …

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Exit strategy

In Iraqi elections, Congress sees opportunity to withdraw troops

On Dec. 15, Iraqi voters go to polling places to elect a parliament. Could that be an ideal time for President Bush to …

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What the United States wants

There is no issue in American long-range strategic policy that exceeds in importance the question of the United States’ relationship with Japan. It is the only one of America’s alliances that is …

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The sun also rises

Transforming the U.S.-Japan alliance

Until recently, the U.S.-Japan alliance has been little more than a Cold War relic. The main issue of discussion — other than economic and trade — has been …

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To Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

For speaking out clearly — if quietly — on detainee policy. Speaking several weeks ago at West Point, retiring Justice O’Connor allowed that the Geneva Conventions might not have been drafted with …

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Hearts & minds model?

Last month AFJ took a look inside Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan, and Vance Serchuk pronounced these joint civilian-military efforts to be a key to winning the hearts and minds of Afghans, …

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Land power revisionism

Readers who wonder why the joint force remains handcuffed by parochialism and a chronic shortage of trust need only read “The shape of brigades to come” in the October issue to find …

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“Don’t get lost in the slideology.”

The English suffix -ology denotes a field of study or academic discipline. Anyone who ever has accomplished the task of putting together a slide show can now add to their CV the …

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