Survival strategy

Middle Eastern Islam, Darwin and terrorism

As the Christmas holiday approached, it was time to talk about terrorism. I spent part of a December afternoon in a sterile conference room symbolic of …

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Kill the QDR

Doctor: “Where does it hurt?”

Patient: “It only hurts when I do this.

“Doctor: “So, stop doing that.”

It’s an old joke, but sound medical advice, particularly for our present patient, the …

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Don’t blame Air Force

I wish to rebut the statement made by Loren Thompson in “Finesse trumps firepower” in the December issue. Mr. Thompson asserted that “America still suffered the greatest military defeat in its history. …

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Give & take

The outlook for U.S-Japan defense industrial cooperation

In December’s cover story, “The sun also rises,” AFJ examined the transformation of the U.S.-Japan alliance in the post-Cold War world. This month, MIT Professor …

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License to steal

How the Commerce Department is helping China obtain sensitive U.S. technology

In a mid-December commentary, Commerce Department Undersecretary David McCormick announced that his department would soon publish guidelines to govern which foreign …

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The ‘who’ question

Tom Donnelly’s editorial “The ‘who’ question” in the December issue leaves me with more questions than answers. The thrust of the article is that the Bush administration has been focusing on the …

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A vote for victory

A U.S. soldier’s view of election security in Iraq

This is the first installment in a regular series on the blogs — personal Web logs — maintained by U.S. servicemen and women …

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Well-traveled minds

In what we are still prone to call the “post-Cold War period,” Americans continue to have a difficult time sorting their way through first-order strategic questions. At the same time, there is …

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The waiting game

A stronger Taliban lies low, hoping the U.S. will leave Afghanistan

For the 18,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the appearance of victory could be a recipe for defeat. American commanders in Afghanistan …

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Standing Army not needed

The biggest mission creep the Regular Army faces is its continued existence.

Now that the Cold War is over, we have no more possessions to guard in China and the Philippines, and …

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