No silver bullets

Fighting the insurgency in Iraq

Along with impatience, a great American weakness is our belief that every problem has a straightforward solution, if only we can figure it out. Especially in complex …

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To Sen. Joseph Lieberman

For his courage — and possible political suicide — in following his conscience in regard to Iraq. Like McCain, Lieberman has, when necessary, been a severe critic of the administration’s handling of …

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Strategic redeployment

The only measure of where and when to use our military forces is: Does it make us safer? More than 2½ years into the continuous deployment of more than 100,000 troops to …

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The political battles ahead

The idea of a more-extended “tipping period” in Iraq was first advanced by Jeffrey White, a longtime analyst with the Defense Intelligence Agency and now an analyst at the Washington Institute for …

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Building an Iraqi Army

There was Sgt. Noah, the tough, squared-away Iraqi soldier who had no problem giving orders to anyone — including American journalists. And there was the nameless, smiling Iraqi private with his shopping …

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Disruptive voice

Cebrowski understood the value — and inevitability — of revolutionary change

Retired U.S. Navy Vice Adm. Arthur Cebrowski, who died Nov. 12, joins George S. Patton, Billy Mitchell, Hyman Rickover and others …

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Fallujah: The iconic battle

Two perspectives on a turning point for U.S. strategy in Iraq

There is considerable bloodshed, but little battle, in most accounts of the war in Iraq. Acts of terrorism and small-unit skirmishes, …

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In this issue

The strong turnout for Iraq’s parliamentary elections offers hope that we are entering a new period in which Iraq begins to resolve its problems through a peaceful, democratic process. Our cover package …

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An open letter to President Bush

D ear Mr. President:

I served in the Pentagon as a political appointee in your first administration and support your policy in Iraq. I believe, as you do, that victory there is …

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Off the radar

Missile defense was the administration’s highest priority.’ What happened?

“The deployment of effective missile defenses is an essential element of the United States’ broader efforts to transform our defense and deterrence policies …

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