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Armed Forces Journal

Editor’s note: AFJ is on hiatus. We are not currently accepting articles for publication. 

AFJ is the leading joint-service journal of commentary and ideas for U.S. military officers and leaders in the defense community. AFJ has been providing essential review and analysis for 150 years. Founded in 1863 as The Army and Navy Journal, it quickly became the fashionable forum for the exchange of military ideas. Today, AFJ offers ideas and perspective about military strategy, doctrine, technology, procurement, logistics, and more.

Editor: Bradley Peniston
Contributing Editors: Joseph J. Collins, Bob Killebrew, Dan Green, Gene Myers, P.W. Singer
Assistant Managing Editor for Interactive and Visual: Angy Peterson

Customer Service: call 1-800-368-5718 or 1-703-750-7400 or email: cust-svc@sightlinemg.com

Writer’s Guidelines

We aim to publish pieces that are informative, opinionated, and designed to provoke thoughtful debate.

We do receive a large number of submissions and apologize that we cannot respond personally to each one. While a positive response to a query is not a guarantee that your article will be accepted for publication, it will at least let you know whether the work will be considered.

The articles themselves should be between 1,000 and 3,000 words in length. An AFJ article must be original work. It should be a “good read” that is easily accessible to an expert audience across all services, agencies and defense-related industries. Most readers of Armed Forces Journal are field-grade and flag officers.

We do not publish white papers or technical documents, marketing material, organization charts or flow diagrams. Nor do we publish footnotes. And we keep the use of acronyms and jargon to a minimum.

We edit for house style and make cuts as deemed necessary. All AFJ editor decisions are final.

First-time contributors: The first time we accept an article for publication from a given author, we will email him or her a work-for-hire agreement to be signed and returned. The agreement allows AFJ to use the article (as well as future articles accepted for publication) in print, online and however else we may deem appropriate. We must have the signed agreement in hand before we can publish the article.

Send articles and queries to afjeditors@armedforcesjournal.com.

Sightline Media Group

AFJ is produced by Sightline Media Group, the world’s leading publisher of news about military and government. Founded in 1940 as the Army Times Publishing Company, the company has added publications to serve each of the branches of the U.S. military, the global defense community, the U.S. federal government, and several defense-industry sectors. The company was sold to Gannett in 1997, and its name changed to Sightline Media Group in 2015.

Publisher and President: Mark Flinn
General Manager: Katie Taplett
Senior Managing Editor: Alex Neill