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Forum pick: From our online discussion boards

Ralph Peters states ‘another valuable tool has been banished, for now, from our arsenal of concepts: pre-emptive attacks.’ … International law recognizes the right of all states to self-defense and the legitimacy …

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Stop the loss

To the Army for failing to implement the stop-loss allowances for which 13,000 soldiers are eligible under the law. Last year, Congress approved funding to pay up to $500 per month to …

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Missing the boat

Failure to join the Law of the Sea Convention harms U.S. interests

Jon Frankenheimer’s classic 1962 movie, “The Manchurian Candidate,” is an exquisite metaphor for the impending debate over U.S. accession to …

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Joint’s true meaning

Jointness requires that separate services focus on core competencies

Service branches have always been required to be prepared for just about anything, and that’s only become more true in recent years. Yet …

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Marine One

President Barack Obama’s willingness to keep the current fleet of Marine helicopters assigned to the president because the current Marine One “seems adequate” is in sharp contrast to the approach one of …

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Refusing battle

The alternative to persistent warfare

“Sir, I am deeply concerned about Iraq. The task you have given me is becoming really impossible … if they (Sunni and Shiite) are not prepared to …

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Cutting remarks

TO CONGRESS. For all Washington’s talk of Pentagon acquisition reform, congressmen from both sides of the house immediately ignored the steps this budget takes toward that goal and rushed to protect multibillion …

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Smart power

They say an Army runs on its stomach. The reality is it runs on oil. Lots of it.

But a soldier’s perspective on energy efficiency is through necessity different from that of …

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Mexican flashpoint

Do we need a 21st century version of the Zimmerman telegram to awaken our leaders in Washington? If so, your article “Mexican mayhem” is it [March].

Of course, the Zimmerman telegram was …

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Last resort

Ralph Peters’ article “The damage done” [March] hits hard. His article is right on. The damage done is significant.

I think the entire basic understanding of war and its place in the …

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