April 1, 2009  

Mexican flashpoint

Do we need a 21st century version of the Zimmerman telegram to awaken our leaders in Washington? If so, your article “Mexican mayhem” is it [March].

Of course, the Zimmerman telegram was a German intervention to see how “no war” Woodrow Wilson really was in 1916. Germany promised to help Mexico to regain the four states on the U.S.-Mexico border (plus three inland states) if Pancho Villa would invade the U.S. — which he did in the case of Columbus, N.M. Of course, Wilson responded with a motorized army that even Mexico did not have. Today, Mexico’s army is well-equipped from everywhere, including the U.S. Will this army fall into the “narcos” hands? Can we afford to be this complacent?

Haden C. White

Homewood, Ala.