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Greening up the Defense Department

Energy-efficient military systems make sense for multiple reasons

Aboard the ballistic-missile submarine Maryland, on the surface en route from Kings Bay, Ga., to deep water off the continental shelf for diving, a …

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Loving Lincoln

Points worth remembering as we honor a legendary president

“Four score and seven years ago,” the National Park Service Web site proclaims, “Americans of different generations, races, backgrounds and occupations gathered in …

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Nonlinear Air Force

Charles Ray’s article “Defining lines of authority” [February] was interesting, but the author makes one glaring error. He says “military organizations … tend toward linear thinking.” That may be a valid conclusion …

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Building TSAT

You took exception to the perceived rush by the Pentagon, and the Air Force in particular, in restarting the Transformational Satellite Communications System (TSAT) program with the intent to award the prime …

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The people’s budget

TO DEFENSE SECRETARY ROBERT GATES for a 2010 defense budget request that prioritizes the people of the armed forces. There are many reasons to applaud this budget: Its clarity; its astute selection …

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