September 12, 2013  

McMaster on war | ISAF’s next phase | CGSC broken?

Maj. Gen. H.R. McMaster, commander of the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence and all-around big brain, offers his suggestions for approaching the study of war and warfare at the DEF2013 blog.

ISAF commander Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, writing in USA Today, lays out the next phase of operations in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, over at Small Wars Journal, an Army lieutenant colonel and captain lay out tactical principles for success in training Afghan security forces.

And Peter J. Munson offers a strategic view on the limits of security cooperation at War on the Rocks.

Tom Ricks offers a Best Defense guest post to Nicholas Murray, a professor at the Army’s Command and Staff College who blasts the school’s bloated curriculum. If the school is to succeed, Murray says, it must strip down its schedule and rebuild it along the lines of good graduate-school programs.

Warlord’s Quote of the Day

“It takes three years to build a ship; it takes three centuries to build a tradition.” — Admiral of the Fleet Andrew Browne Cunningham

Contributed by Col. (ret.) Cliff Krieger, a former JCS strategic chief. From a list compiled by the Warlord Loop, a private email forum for national security experts.

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