December 6, 2013  

Zero option, or not? | Hagel’s cuts | Weapons roundup

In the wake of Gen. Dempsey’s mention of the “zero option” in Afghanistan, Anthony Cordesman evaluates whether it’s a viable strategic choice. (CSIS)

SecDef Hagel’s plans to cut staff aren’t evenly spread, and a look at who he’s keeping around illuminates his priorities, writes Stephanie Gaskell. (Defense One)

Weapons Roundup: Northrop is test-flying an unmanned replacement for the SR-71 (Aviation Week), the Russians are putting an AESA radar in their dogfighting missiles (War Is Boring), the Navy launched a UAV from a submerged sub (, and the A-10 has supporters and detractors (Defense News).

Warlord’s Quote

“Throughout our society we need people up front who are bored to death with business as usual but are imaginative, classically educated, and yearn to have a chance to be a trail blazer, to confront the unexpected.” — Vice Admiral James Stockdale

Contributed by Col. (ret.) Mike Shaler, a former Special Advisor for Strategic Leader Development to the past three Army Chiefs of Staff, now president of the Steamboat Leadership Institute. From a list compiled by the Warlord Loop, a private email forum for national security experts.

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