December 2, 2013  

How to ease the ADIZ pressure | Deterring China | COIN and grand strategy

For all the concern over China’s newly declared Air Defense Identification Zone, it’s just the latest in a series of escalations in the battle for the Diayou/Senkaku Islands. Here’s Mark E. Rosen’s prescription for ratcheting down the tension. (Armed Forces Journal)

More ADIZ:

T.X. Hammes presents a military strategy to deter China, which he calls “Offshore Control: Defense of the First Island Chain.” (Real Clear Defense)

Nathan K. Finney limns a recent discussion over COIN and concludes, “If nothing else, what our operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have taught us is that our politico-military strategies need a corresponding, overarching, dare I say, “grand” strategy.” (Medium)

Rob Sheldon: “Let CYBERCOM Stand Alone” (Defense News)

And wow: “A secretive Air Force program recruits academy students to inform on fellow cadets and disavows them afterward” (The Gazette)

Warlord’s Quote

“There can be no political morality without prudence; that is, without consideration of the political consequences of seemingly moral action.” — Hans Morgenthau

Contributed by Josh Rovner, an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Policy at the Naval War College. From a list compiled by the Warlord Loop, a private email forum for national security experts.

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