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Fanning the flames of COIN | Land warfare in A2/AD | Plans vs. planning

Mark Stout draws together various threads of the recent COIN debate, and urges more. (War On The Rocks)

Just a reminder: “Plans are worthless but planning is everything.” Richard Fontaine puts the …

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How to ease the ADIZ pressure | Deterring China | COIN and grand strategy

For all the concern over China’s newly declared Air Defense Identification Zone, it’s just the latest in a series of escalations in the battle for the Diayou/Senkaku Islands. Here’s Mark E. Rosen’s …

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When carriers no longer trump | Fighting over COIN | Imagining a new A-10

What happens when a carrier strike group is no longer the ultimate trump card? Robert Haddick says that puts a big hole in our habitual thinking about crisis management. (War On The …

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Competing COINs | Abandoning AUMF? | Reviewing Kilcullen

John Amble discerns two oft-competing strands of COIN in U.S. counter-terrorism efforts, and says one is much more effective than the other. (War On The Rocks)

Obama’s ASD SOLIC nominee says the …

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