Disaster response

Weak reception for Bush’s proposal to broaden military’s role in domestic emergencies

After four days of submerged neighborhoods, floating bodies, armed looters, toxic flood waters and fetid emergency shelters, the big green …

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To the U.S. intelligence community,

for ignoring the Senate and leaving the CIA with the sole responsibility for directing spies. Given the agency’s miserable track record with human intelligence — the failure to locate Osama bin Laden …

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Success in Afghanistan means fighting several wars at once

Why are we winning in Afghanistan? In the simplest terms, we’ve gotten the strategy reasonably right.

How did this happen? Let me tell you the story as I saw it as the …

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The War We’re Winning

In Afghanistan, signs of progress are everywhere, but there’s a long road ahead

Even the New York Times, no friend to the Bush administration, has noticed “the Afghan difference.” After the recent …

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Acquisition for the information age

Mass customization must replace mass production

The Pentagon’s acquisition system, with roots that stretch back to World War II, is rapidly approaching a precipice. In the Cold War, the acquisition process was …

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To the U.S. intelligence community

Yes, you heard us right, the intelligence community — for intercepting the letter from Osama bin Laden’s lieutenant and top strategist, Ayman al Zawahiri, to Abu Musab al Zarqawi, head of al-Qaeda …

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Tighter budgets await next secretaries

To a person, Senate Armed Services Committee members signaled support for the two men nominated to be Air Force and Navy secretaries. But after two hours of hearing senators describe the services’ …

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Friend or foe?

China’s military rise is no longer an issue. The question is: How will Beijing use its power?

The remarkable economic growth of the People’s Republic of China during the past two decades, …

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To Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska., and the Bush administration

For opposing the McCain amendment on the grounds that it limits the executive branch’s ability to fight the war as it sees fit. In fact, the legislation is a proper exercise of …

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The warrior’s pen

How to write on military subjects

A follow-up to October’s column on why veterans should write for publication.

One oddity of military service is that you meet men and women who are …

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