Tighter budgets await next secretaries

To a person, Senate Armed Services Committee members signaled support for the two men nominated to be Air Force and Navy secretaries. But after two hours of hearing senators describe the services’ …

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Echoes of 1863

Armed Forces Journal published its first issue — under the banner Army and Navy Journal — on Aug. 29, 1863. The Civil War then was at its height, with the North winning …

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Friend or foe?

China’s military rise is no longer an issue. The question is: How will Beijing use its power?

The remarkable economic growth of the People’s Republic of China during the past two decades, …

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China plans to control space and win the coming information war

The engine of the ongoing Sino-Russian “strategic partnership” remains unchanged: countering U.S. superiority in the development and employment of ever-emerging weaponry, including the burgeoning National Missile Defense program. But even though the …

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To Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska., and the Bush administration

For opposing the McCain amendment on the grounds that it limits the executive branch’s ability to fight the war as it sees fit. In fact, the legislation is a proper exercise of …

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Weathering the storm

Naval shipbuilders struggle to resume operations in Katrina’s wake

When Hurricane Katrina slammed into the central coast along the Gulf of Mexico on Aug. 29, the storm struck a region that is …

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The warrior’s pen

How to write on military subjects

A follow-up to October’s column on why veterans should write for publication.

One oddity of military service is that you meet men and women who are …

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Innovative teams are building goodwill at the grass-roots level

The front-line fighters in the battle for hearts and minds in Afghanistan are in the American and coalition Provincial Reconstruction Teams, or PRTs. In the classic counterinsurgency mold, these are relatively small …

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They were able to retask it during the execution of a preplanned mission ?

Pity the poor noun “task,” so frequently verbed and now subjected to prefixing as well. If adding “re-” to a verb generally means “to do it again,” shouldn’t retasking an aircraft mean …

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Surface ship, submarine missions are coalescing

The Navy is at a crossroads of great consequence. It faces decisions that will shape ship-based war-fighting requirements for the next century. In an era of reduced blue-water threats, the Navy …

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