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Education technology

Online programs that use state-of-the-art education technology represent a promising venue for officer educational development, as retired Col. Gwynne Burke suggests (“A better way to educate,” AFJ, March).

The remarkable learning efficiency …

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for his attempt to stonewall the closure of Joint Forces Command. The House Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee chairman inserted into a budget bill a provision that blocks funding for the dismantling of …

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Fresh start

An all-new Army armored vehicle is achievable and necessary

The Army has indicated its commitment to the development and fielding over the next seven years of the first — in over three …

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Poor programming

John K. Hawley’s letter in the January/February issue requires clarification, particularly regarding “automation” vs. humans in the loop [“Controlling armed robots”]. The Patriot missile fratricide of Pennsylvania National Guard troops was not …

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for his call to find another $400 billion in defense budget savings over 10 years. Finding those savings on top of the $400 billion already slashed from long-term spending over the past …

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Paying the piper

An aerospace-centric defense strategy makes fiscal sense

Defense in an uncertain world is vital, but ensuring national security involves far more than military prowess. We now find ourselves asking how we satisfy …

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The impact of a decade at war

It would be easy to discount the conjecture that the Army is in trouble. After all, it is unmatched as a fighting force and successfully conducted military operations that achieved regime change …

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The right to be wrong

For DADT repeal to work, inclusion and respect must be extended to all

Michael Allsep Jr., David Levy and Lt. Col. James Parco, in their article “The culture war within” [AFJ, January/February], …

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The next training revolution

Explosive changes in information availability will profoundly affect how training is delivered

The Defense Department faces a sea change in the next 20 years with regard to training. A rising flood will …

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A better way to develop officers

Aimless with little impact. This describes an organization’s human resource policies when those policies do not support or are not congruent with the larger strategic direction of that organization.

With this in …

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