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Rational thinking

Gen. Martin Dempsey’s article about building critical thinking into leader development (AFJ, March) was interesting and well-intentioned, but who should he be talking about? Critical thinking is fine, but it is just …

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For its contradictory and incoherent approach to the Libyan war. Since taking lead of the campaign, NATO leaders are struggling to present a united front. After some rebels were mistakenly killed in …

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A Darwinian world

Libya points to a new era of aggression and turmoil

As these words are written, U.S., British and French warplanes are striking Libyan ground forces along the Mediterranean littoral; American and other …

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Getting it right

10 problems with the Afghan campaign

International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Commander Gen. David H. Petraeus often talks about getting the “inputs” right in Afghanistan, which means having the right mix of …

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