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Reality check

Close-air support detractors are clinging to outdated concepts

Misperceptions about close-air support (CAS) continue to plague the relationship between ground and air forces. CAS is a mission area where myth and reality …

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Not by widgets alone

The human challenge of technology-intensive military systems

During the major combat operations phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), Army Patriot air and missile defense units were involved in two fratricide incidents. In …

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Tricare reality check

TO THE MILITARY OFFICERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA for its predictable but nonetheless unrealistic response to proposed military health care reforms as part of the new defense budget cuts.

In his plan, Defense …

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Controlling armed robots

I AM an engineering psychologist in an Army organization that is in the forefront of research and development and applications work on military robotics and automated battle command systems. Hence, I read …

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The culture war within

Reconciling policy change and military culture after DADT

In December, Congress passed a bill to repeal the law that had banned openly homosexual men and women from serving in the military since …

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A better way to educate

Online courses should supplement officer education

Keeping up the professionalism and developing the talent of the officer force while in a prolonged war requires a new strategy for achieving necessary sequential officer …

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Building critical thinkers

Leader development must be the Army’s top priority

Throughout our long history, the Army has developed capable and prominent strategic leaders. We pride ourselves in the long line of strategic leaders who …

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Undermanned, overwhelmed

Afghan nation-building efforts need a new approach

One of the frustrating challenges of Afghanistan has been how to build a legitimate, capable and effective Afghan state at all levels that addresses the …

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Safeguarding soldiers

Close-air support doctrine is outdated

History teaches us many lessons. The first is that those who do not learn lessons from history are destined to repeat them. Another is that since 1918, …

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Engine stall

TO Representative TOM ROONEY, R-Fla., for his amendment to strike funding for the alternate engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Passage of the Rooney amendment was a rare Beltway moment on …

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