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Joint force provider

In “Goodbye, JFCOM” [AFJ, November], retired Col. Bob Killebrew argues convincingly for the elimination of U.S. Joint Forces Command as a four-star-led combatant command. He notes correctly that what is really happening …

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Fiscal failure

TO CONGRESS for its failure to pass the fiscal 2011 DoD spending bill. Almost half of the way through fiscal 2011, the Pentagon is still operating under continual resolutions. Forcing federal agencies …

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‘Terps to troops

Foreign interpreters earn the right to be fast-tracked to U.S citizenship

Patrolling the desert plains of Eastern Zabul province, Afghanistan, my gunner spots 10 civilians walking with AKs and PKMs.

I immediately …

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Fiscal jeopardy

The strategic risks of U.S. debt and how to avoid them

U.S. federal government finances are on an unsustainable path — that is the unmistakable message from the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction commission …

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Crucial cuts

TO DEFENSE SECRETARY ROBERT GATES for a fiscal 2012 budget request that falls woefully short of the serious cuts that are essential and unavoidable.

Despite his long insistence that he would rein …

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