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Hunt to kill

Targeted warfare has a legitimate place on the irregular battlefield

In increasingly complicated security dilemmas, some states are finally and overtly coming to grips with the reality that blunt military responses are …

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Think beyond targeting

For the Army, distinguishing ISR’s three functions is important

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. David Deptula asserts that the military activities of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance are indivisible because the effect they …

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Close-air support at work

On May 25, the soldiers of 3rd Platoon, Bravo Battery, 2nd Battalion, 321st Field Artillery Regiment, and a special operations team, Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) 1313, left Forward Operating Base Todd in …

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Cyber defense

U.S. cybersecurity must-do’s

A critical shortage of cyberspace-domain-trained and certified personnel affects the U.S.’s ability to defend itself against the spectrum of conflict in the cyberspace. This shortfall is both quantitative and …

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The Corps is all right

Losing the EFV doesn’t jeopardize the Marines’ future

Here lies the United States Marine Corps

Born: Nov. 10, 1775, in a Philadelphia tavern

Died: Jan. 6, 2011, in a Pentagon news conference …

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In this issue

In their presidential debt commission report, released in December and ominously titled “The Moment of Truth,” co-chairs Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson point out that the federal debt has soared from 33 …

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Do quote me

Washington’s think tankers can play a double game through the media

Thinktankdom is a field in which research, analysis and commentary have shaped everything from the Marshall Plan to the Iraq War …

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Rash reaction

TO REP. HOWARD P. ‘BUCK’ McKEON for his rash response condemning the new defense cuts. The new House Armed Service Committee chairman rushed out a heated response to Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ …

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Learn together

Joint education is the key to effective joint operations

A major finding of the April report from the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) indicated an increasing need for additional joint and service-specific …

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What really matters

Defense spending doesn’t equate to national security

Much of what I am about to discuss here may be unpopular with many in the defense community. But there comes a time when one …

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