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The way ahead in Afghanistan

U.S. must be ready to react to changes on the path to peace

U.S. efforts and prospects in Afghanistan stand at the intersection of five major vectors. These vectors are likely to …

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Perspective: Two cheers for lethal operations

Money doesn’t always achieve what force can

One of the most frustrating experiences about two deployments to Iraq was the relentless focus on spending money. A sure way for battalion and brigade …

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Forum pick

From our online discussion boards

In my Army War College seminar this year, I often wondered aloud why Marine Gen. Peter Pace could give his personal opinion [on don’t ask, don’t tell] …

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Defeating the terrain

Construction engineers can be part of the COIN solution

David Galula, in his book “Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice,” stated that “the soldier must … be prepared to become a propagandist, a …

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Hovering at a precipice

The Marine Corps has embarked upon a comprehensive overhaul of its aviation force that is scheduled to culminate in 15 years with the replacement of every airframe currently in service.

To reduce …

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Why we need the F-35

The size, scope and technological firsts of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program make it a game-changer for tactical aviation and for the U.S. tactical aircraft industrial base.

They also make it …

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Commanding speech

TO DUTY. “I am humbled and honored to have been nominated by the president to command the ISAF and U.S. forces in Afghanistan,” said Army Gen. David Petraeus during his Senate confirmation …

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Clear and secure

Protecting communities is the only way to build Afghan trust

The hardy people and rugged terrain of Afghanistan have long inspired some of the world’s best writers to craft romantic tales of …

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Beyond the numbers, behind the capabilities

Defenders of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter are having a tough year as headlines scream about cost overruns, schedule delays and international partner wobbles. Under pressure to justify the program’s multibillion-dollar price …

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Robot revolution

Revealing the Army’s UAS road map

When combat operations began in October 2001, the Army had 54 operational unmanned aircraft. Today, the Army has more than 4,000 unmanned aircraft in various sizes …

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