August 1, 2010  

Commanding speech

TO DUTY. “I am humbled and honored to have been nominated by the president to command the ISAF and U.S. forces in Afghanistan,” said Army Gen. David Petraeus during his Senate confirmation hearing to replace McChrystal in the post of ISAF commander, Afghanistan. “The campaign in Afghanistan must be a fully integrated civil-military effort, one that includes an unshakeable commitment to teamwork among all elements of the U.S. government as well as an unshakeable commitment to teamwork with members of other NATO and coalition governments and the United Nations mission in Afghanistan, as well as, of course, members of the Afghan government. I will seek to contribute to such teamwork and to unity of effort among all participants.” After concluding his hearing, Petraeus flew home to Tampa, Fla., where he and his wife hosted Vice President Biden for dinner.