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Disunity of command

The U.S. must restore the civil-military equilibrium

The relief in June of Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal has led to an outpouring of articles about civil-military relations and the need for top generals …

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Missiles for peace

With strong conventional strike options, the U.S. can lessen nuclear threats

In an effort to reduce U.S. military reliance on nuclear weapons, the Obama administration is emphasizing how much more America can …

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Blind arrogance

TO ARROGANCE. The most far-reaching and damaging comments in Rolling Stone’s profile of Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal were not his dismissive attitude toward the vice president and other Obama administration officials, but …

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Toast to unity

TO LEADERSHIP. President Obama, announcing his decision to accept the resignation of McChrystal after the Rolling Stone article became public, finally stepped up to his commander-in-chief responsibilities and wartime leader duties. It’s …

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