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Nearer the holodeck

Virtual environments replicate our complex wars

It is April 2009. Not far from Los Angeles International Airport, I am in the giant Hughes Aircraft hangar, which once housed the Spruce Goose and …

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Forum pick: From our online discussion boards

It’s a lost cause, General. What has evolved (devolved is a more apt phrase) in the acquisition world since the end of the Cold War is something that would make an old …

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In this issue

The Navy needs more subs than ever before, but under the new 30-year shipbuilding plan, it will have fewer than ever before.

Lance Bacon’s cover story examines the Navy’s seemingly dichotomous plan …

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The Moore’s Law effect

Moore’s Law is having a dramatic impact on virtually everything it touches, from energy to materials science, from computing to robotics.

Moore’s Law is based on the observation that computer processing power …

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Draft alternative

In “The Founders’ wisdom” [February], Lt. Col. Paul L. Yingling has again demonstrated a penchant for provocative writing that I fear will win him few friends among the senior defense establishment. I …

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Deep dive

Self-inflicted attack sub cuts cripple America’s sea superiority

Decreasing funds and increasing missions have put the Navy’s submarine force in deep trouble — and it’s sinking fast. Lawmakers and strategists agree that …

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America’s third war

Counterinsurgency tactics are needed much closer to home

Well, of course it’s insurgency.

From the Andean Ridge through Colombian jungles and Mexican drug routes and into the streets and neighborhoods of America …

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