May 1, 2010  

Forum pick: From our online discussion boards

It’s a lost cause, General. What has evolved (devolved is a more apt phrase) in the acquisition world since the end of the Cold War is something that would make an old guard like you sick. Massive corruption, civilian grade inflation, patronage/matronage overhiring, parasitism, and fraud-by-inefficiency are the norm. The only answer, it seems, is a total systemic collapse and rebuilding it from scratch. Given what looms on the horizon, this scenario may not be far away.”

— Smarg responds to Gen. Lawrence Skantze’s (Ret.) article “Acquisition’s lost keystone,” March AFJ (www.armedforcesjournal.com/2010/03/4486317) calling for the Air Force to reactivate Systems Command, its former acquisition institution.

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