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Ice breaker

While the science community debates whether global warming is fact or fraud, this much is certain: The Navy will soon sail uncharted waters — and it won’t be a pleasure cruise.

Arctic …

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Acquisition’s lost keystone

The Air Force should reactivate Air Force Systems Command

On July 1, 1992, the Air Force inactivated Air Force Systems Command (AFSC), and its functions were subsumed into Air Force Logistics Command, …

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Sign up

TO THE WHITE HOUSE for failing to ratify the international maritime treaty that defines the rights and responsibilities of nations’ use of the world’s oceans and its resources.

The U.S. has thus …

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Mothership or battleship?

Competing visions of the Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle

I read with interest Maj. Gen. Robert Scales’ admirable effort (“A vehicle for modern times,” December/January) to help the Army work through its apparent …

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Troop deliverer

The point of the GCV, like all armored vehicles, is the soldier inside

When rifles arrived on the battlefield in the mid-19th century, the killing range of the infantryman’s rifle jumped to …

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Flashpoint: The Chavez challenge

Caracas’ nuclear ambitions and terrorist ties must not be ignored

In the media, President Hugo Chavez seems to be portrayed more commonly these days as a threat to golf, which he considers …

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Polar frontiers

A new Arctic age is emerging. New forces are transforming the very fabric of the entire region. Some of these changes will positively benefit those people who call the region home, while …

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TO THE ARMY for getting its plan for a new Ground Combat Vehicle stuck in a rut. The Army’s request for proposals for the GCV was due out in mid-February, but reports …

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Expeditionary ethos

Shifts in global security landscape demand changes in force posture

The geo-strategist Halford McKinder once divided major states between Land and Sea Wolves. States that have an expeditionary capability are not limited …

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Industry pulse: Diverse needs

Boeing broadens defense business to adapt to Pentagon budget shifts

One of the companies hardest hit by shifting defense priorities under Secretary Robert Gates in the fiscal 2010 budget was Boeing.

Its …

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