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Essay: Afghan reconciliation

Negotiations with the Taliban will be tricky, but critical

Everyone from Paris to Pakistan thinks reconciliation between the Taliban and the Hamid Karzai government is a positive move toward peace. Saudi Arabia …

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In this issue

Given the grueling winter much of the U.S. has just endured, (and Washington’s obsession with naming its storms in the style of Hollywood disaster movies was probably more annoying than the digging …

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From our online discussion board

We can’t be seen as wresting Afghanistan away from the Taliban just to hand it over to the criminals.

I believe that the main obstacle in cleaning up corruption is the gigantic …

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Don’t lie

TO ADM. MIKE MULLEN, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, for his courageous testimony to Congress on the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Mullen made clear that he believes gays and lesbians …

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Lt. Col. Paul L. Yingling articulates well the need to reduce the standing military [“The Founders’ wisdom,” February]. He correctly explains both the constitutional and economic challenges faced by maintaining a large …

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The Last QDR? What the Pentagon should learn from corporations about strategic planning

As the Defense Department was getting ready for another one of its large-scale strategic planning drills, senior Washington analyst Anthony Cordesman offered a grim assessment of such past efforts: “If God really …

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