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Transition Strategy: Tread carefully

How Obama’s team can avoid political minefields

President Barack Obama must insulate his defense policy from political strife. He came into office riding a tidal wave of popularity, but his lack of …

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In this issue

In a speech delivered in Prague in April, President Barack Obama pledged “America’s commitment to take concrete steps towards a world without nuclear weapons,” beginning with work to reduce the U.S. arsenal. …

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The Air Force at a crossroads

Irregular warfare does not erode air power’s importance

If you happen to stroll around the harbor of Lisbon you are struck by the domineering countenance of Prince Henry the Navigator standing athwart …

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Pay for Pros

Maj. Myles Caggins highlights the problem of retention, but only offers the same solutions [“A major problem,” December ]. He highlights the issues of his own demographic but fails to see the …

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The Afghan mistake

Why sending more troops won’t work

Before we double our combat forces in Afghanistan in an attempt to “win the war,” there are some unpleasant facts we must face and hard questions …

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COIN concept

Although I agree wholeheartedly with the concept of picking and choosing our battles with the goal of maximizing our potential for success, I didn’t get the feeling from Douglas Macgregor’s article, “Refusing …

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Battling a behemoth

TO THE ARMY for failing to make the Future Combat Systems vehicle program relevant. In his proposal to cancel the $87 billion part of the program dedicated to eight vehicle designs, Gates …

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Team building through an inauguration

On Jan. 20, the eyes of the nation and the world were on the peaceful transfer of leadership of the United States. The military has participated in presidential inaugurations since the first, …

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COIN lies we love

Dissecting the myth that the military has only a supporting role

When it comes to fighting terrorists and counterinsurgency warfare, we have less intellectual integrity than Bernie Madoff had financial integrity. Priding …

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Obama’s mixed signals on military programs

During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama expressed his support for the military. But in his address to Congress, designed principally to advocate his economic program, the new president included one line in …

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