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Fairy tale ending

To President George W. Bush for stretching the truth on the circumstances in which the U.S. went to war in Iraq. In farewell speeches in Washington and at West Point, Bush talked …

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New principles for new war

Now can we meet the new challenges of global terrorism and defend ourselves with the least cost in blood and treasure? We need to identify the nature of the present environment and …

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Industry pulse: Boomers reborn

Conversion to SSGNs ushers in new submarine strategy

With the demise of the Cold War and the rise of terrorism, the Navy determined that there was no longer a need for 18 …

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Essay: A more enduring legacy

Whole-of-government approaches to national security make sense

George W. Bush’s foreign policy legacy will undoubtedly be debated for years if not decades. For some it will be the global war on terrorism. …

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Good business is good policy

Foreign military sales add to the bottom line and reinforce strategic goals

The Navy’s “Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower” is a year old, setting the sea service on a new course. …

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Enduring SecDef

To Defense Secretary Robert Gates, holder of the title First SecDef to Stay on After the Presidency Shifted to a Different Political Party. It is testimony to Gates’ character and achievements over …

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In this issue

Charlie Dunlap and Phil Meilinger urge us to look forward in this month’s cover. As Dunlap says, the mantra “don’t forget the lessons of Iraq” might be the vogue, but it might …

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Flashpoint: A plethora of problems

The new president’s global security challenges

With at least two ongoing wars, President-elect Barack Obama may well be entering the Oval Office facing the toughest national security landscape for any American president …

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From the forums

”Maj. Terrones” comments on Mackenzie Eaglen’s article “Balancing Strategy and Budgets,” October AFJ. (

The current economic crises will have serious implications that will affect the transfor¬mation of our military. The military …

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Instilling pride

I’d like to to respond to Cmdr. Richard M. Berg’s letter in the November AFJ.

Berg makes some great points, and we are all proud of his 31 years of service — …

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