January 1, 2009  

Instilling pride

I’d like to to respond to Cmdr. Richard M. Berg’s letter in the November AFJ.

Berg makes some great points, and we are all proud of his 31 years of service — active and reserve. With regard to his comment about the reserve designation in his title, the chief of naval operations released an administrative message to the fleet in June 2005 addressing his concern. Please see the following:

Winning the global war on terrorism requires seamless teamwork throughout our total force — active and reserve. Current active-reserve integration initiatives are paying great dividends for our service, producing improved war-fighting capability in the global war on terrorism.

To further that effort, on 29 April 2005 the commander in chief redesignated our reserve component from Naval Reserve to Navy Reserve. This is more than just a name change. It more accurately describes our alignment as one Navy, and I want it to influence integration between our active and Reserve components.

It is now time for the next step. Effective immediately, we will refer to all of our sailors, active and reserve, as United States Navy sailors. This shared title will strengthen the bond between our active and Reserve components, and enhance the culture of integration needed to most effectively deliver decisive power from the sea.

Our Navy will continue to deliver powerful capabilities in the nation’s defense, fueled by the intelligence, innovation, and energy of all sailors. Working together — seamlessly — the active and Reserve components will continue to field complementary skill sets and resources that provide powerful and flexible options across the full spectrum of combat and non-combat operations.

Our task is to do what we can everyday to make our Navy better. Start by ensuring the nametags of all our sailors read USN and take positive steps to ensure all members of the team understand and appreciate the contributions that sailors throughout our navy make to our integrated total force.

Released by Adm. Vern Clark, CNO.

This change directed by then-CNO Clark should instill the pride Berg was searching for.

Rear Adm. Jon W. Bayless Jr.

Deputy Chief of Navy Reserve