March 1, 2006  

To the Windsor, Conn., Democratic Town Committee

For its 34-2 vote of “no confidence” in Connecticut’s Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman for his support of the war in Iraq, and in the Middle East more broadly. Referring to the senator — the Democrats’ vice presidential nominee against President Bush in 2000 — as a “kissing cousin” of the president, town committee member Len Swade said he hoped there would be a “groundswell” of similar resolutions to “really get the senator’s attention.” Swade and his fellow headline hounds have AFJ’s attention, but not our approbation. Though a supporter of the toppling of Saddam Hussein and of the broader effort to change the region’s political order, Lieberman was an early and unforgiving critic of the administration’s conduct of the counterinsurgency campaign. He is a model of what a loyal opposition politician should be in wartime.