August 8, 2013  

New generals, please

Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis, who castigated “rosy official statements” in last year’s “Truth, Lies, and Afghanistan,” argues in AFJ that the Army’s strategic, procurement, and operational failures dictate bold action: a Marshall-like sweep of the general officer corps.

Jon Lee Anderson, writing in the New Yorker, says Libya has gone from “a shining example of what Western powers could do on a modern battleground without ever putting ‘boots on the ground'” to a country of six mllion that appears “fatally destabilized by the war to remove its dictator” and “increasingly out of control.”

What’s up with AFJ? Glad you asked. Editor Bradley Peniston lays out the thinking behind the new website and AFJ’s shift to digital-only publication.

Warlord’s Quote of the Day

“If a man asks me for my loyalty, I will give him my honesty. If a man asks me for my honesty, I will give him my loyalty!” — Col. (ret.) John Boyd, USAF

Contributed by Lt. Col. Chris Coglianese, an Olmsted Scholar who completed three combat tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Coglianese is a member of the Warlord Loop, a private email forum for national security experts.

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