September 1, 2008  

In this issue

Lt. Gen. Dennis McCarthy and Lt. Col. Erich Randall lead this month’s set of discussions with a focus on how best to organize, resource and equip the Guard and reserves to fulfill what increasingly looks like a permanent role as an operational reserve.

Milan Vego, a regular AFJ contributor on matters naval, turns his attention this month to the Navy’s antisubmarine warfare skills, which he says are in danger of atrophying.

And Jim Talent would set America on a brave new path by which foreign strategy directs defense policy, rather than the other way round. It’s how Reagan brought down the Wall, Talent argues, and it can be done again.

Col. Peter Marksteiner provides a perspective column on a topic to which we can all relate: When he describes e-mail overload as the “fog and friction” of the digital age, you know exactly where he’s heading. His recommendations for fixing the bloated e-mail inbox will be welcomed by anyone whose work days are continually interrupted by reply-to-all chains.

Front and back: Scott Hamilton kicks off with an analysis of the latest twists in the Air Force’s endeavor to buy a new tanker — a miniseries to be continued indefinitely? And Cora Sol Goldstein rounds off the book with an essay that challenges the logic and practicality of the SecDef’s initiative to involve research universities in the war on terrorism.