August 1, 2008  

From our online discussion boards

”MEL1776” COMMENTS ON MAJ. DAVID F. BIGELOW’S “MANAGING MANPOWER” ARTICLE, JUNE AFJ (http://www.armedforces journal.com/2008/06/3486514)

A focus on efficiency over tradition in the military is long overdue. We still suffer some from a draftee mentality where commanders viewed labor hours as free relative to equipment (thus, for example, soldiers would pick up leaves by hand rather than be provided with rakes).”

“PENNST98” RESPONDS TO COL. MICHAEL WYLY’S ESSAY “IN PRAISE OF MAVERICKS,” JULY AFJ (http://www.armedforces journal.com/2008/07/3521282)

Yes, great men such as Colonel Boyd have shown us what greatness is, however we continue to ignore it. Until we punish cronyism and noblesse and begin policies and procedures to pro¬mote merit and talent above connections and shiny rings we will not see any real change.”

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