November 4, 2013  

Focusing fuzzy land-warfare visions | Taking an all-volunteer force to war | Luck during wartime

Peter W. Singer says it’s time to start putting shape to the fuzzy visions for America’s land forces, and offers a list of questions to help do it. (Armed Forces Journal)

Maj. Damon Armeni lays out three moral and ethical requirements for taking a democracy’s all-volunteer force to war. (Armed Forces Journal)

What role does luck play in war, and what can a military planner do about it, anyway? A look at two Cold War events shed some light. (Armed Forces Journal)

Did you miss the arrival of the Navy’s Mobile Landing Platform ships? Catch up here. (War Is Boring)

Warlord’s Quote

“Preparation for war is an expensive, burdensome business, yet there is one important part of it that costs little: study. However changed and strange the new conditions of war maybe, not only generals, but politicians and ordinary citizens may find there is much to be learned from the past that can be applied to the future.” — Field Marshal William Slim, “Defeat into Victory”

Contributed by Col. (ret.) Richard Lacquement, who was responsible for resident and nonresident education programs as Dean, School of Strategic Landpower, U.S. Army War College. From a list compiled by the Warlord Loop, a private email forum for national security experts.

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