Darts and Laurels

October 2, 2013  

Budgetary irresponsibility

AFJ_dartDART to the House of Representatives for adding to the budgetary chaos that is hindering the U.S. military. In 1986, then-AFJ editor Benjamin Schemmer looked into the possibility of suing Congress for its “miserable stewardship of defense affairs” — in particular, its habit of relying on continuing resolutions and its recent passage of the salami-slicing Gramm-Rudman budget act. One wonders to what lengths Mr. Schemmer might have been driven by the current situation: more continuing resolutions, the Budget Control Act, sequestration, threats to default on U.S. obligations, and now, a government shutdown brought on by a House GOP faction determined to stop Obamacare.

Leaders and troops alike are grappling with the congressionally imposed constraints as best they can, but the uncertainty combined with the budget cuts is hurting readiness, costing money, and foiling any semblance of strategic planning — not to mention embarrassing the U.S. to the world.