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August 2, 2013  

1945: B-29s mine Japanese waters

From the archives: August 4, 1945

A naval mine drops from a B-29

Japanese Ships Hit Minefields

Japanese shipping is now beginning to feel the intensity of minefield operations planted through the ingenuity and cooperation of the United States Army and Navy, the Navy Department revealed this week.

Army Air Forces’ B-29s are dropping Navy mines by parachute at night from higher altitudes and with greater accuracy than was believed possible only a few months ago.

The idea was conceived by a Navy test pilot, Lt. Comdr. (then Lt.) George E. Bottjer, USNR. It was first developed more than a year ago while he was conducting a project for the “broad tactical evaluation of certain radar gear” at the Air Naval Station at Patuxent River, Md., testing and proving ground, where he is now stationed.