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August 10, 2013  

1935: A thank-you note from MacArthur

From the archives: August 10, 1935

Gen. Douglas MacArthur

Gen. Douglas MacArthur

[Editor’s note: Gen. Douglas MacArthur, then the Army’s chief of staff, wrote to thank the editorĀ of the Army and Navy Journal, John Callan O’Loughlin, for his editorials in support of a bill that helped to speed up officer promotions, which had slowed to a crawl after World War I.]

My dear Colonel O’Loughlin:

Enactment into law of the War Department Promotion Bill has naturally occasioned real gratification throughout the Army. In the long struggle that led to final success every assistance from our friends elicited our appreciation and gratitude. In persistently publicizing the damaging effects of the situation then existing and in advocating the reforms provided in the Army Bill, the support of the Army and Navy Journal was particularly effective.

You have served the interests of justice and efficiency and have rendered the Army lasting service that every real friend of national defense will gratefully remember.

With cordial personal regards,

Sincerely, Douglas MacArthur, General, Chief of Staff