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Letters: Officer education

Paula Thornhill made the case in “Improving Capstone” [April] that the “charm” school for newly minted brigadiers and rear admirals should be turned into an opportunity to train strategic leaders. My counter …

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Afghanistan’s unique surge

The fight can only be won by listening to Afghan voices

Afghanistan operations have evolved from a Special Forces-centric campaign to one that extends across the general-purpose forces. This shift came when …

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Not enough chiefs

To the Pentagon for making the job of leading the new Cyber Command an adjunct to heading the National Security Agency. Gen. Keith Alexander has the skills and the expertise for either …

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The silent infiltrator

Many of the challenges of traditional warfare are magnified in the cyber realm. Chief among these is the challenge of situational awareness. Cyberspace is a vast, incredibly complex and rapidly changing battlefield. …

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Forum pick: From our online discussion boards

Posturing a military for the future necessarily involves assuming risk. Mr. Scharre’s argument is that that risk should be assumed on the ‘war-winning’ side of the Army, as opposed to the ‘nation-building’ …

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Securing the info advantage

The expansion of commercial and military activity from land to oceans and eventually to space continues into cyberspace at a rapid pace. In the oceans and outer space, as in cyberspace, we …

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Essay: NATO’s essential modern role

The alliance can and must meet today’s global security challenges

Once again, international headlines question the future utility of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Now is high time to remind the …

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In this issue

Securing vital networks has become as critical as defending borders and physical territory. But the Pentagon and its new Cyber Command are grappling with what constitutes an act of war in cyberspace. …

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