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In harm’s way

The body armor industry needs protecting

When the country went to war, nearly nine years ago, troops were called on to stand in harm’s way. When those service members volunteered to confront …

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Cyberspace policies we need

The U.S. government has very limited national-level experience, knowledge or policy guidance for fighting a netwar across the cyberspace domain at the national level. It is difficult for policymakers to envision cyberwarfare …

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Industry Pulse: Fewer forms

SecDef adds acquisition and export reform to his ‘to-do’ list

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has two wars to finish. But his most challenging mission may be here at home: reforming the Pentagon’s …

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Essay: Double-hatting around the law

The problem with morphing warrior, spy and civilian roles

Over the years, a dense code of laws has risen to divvy out the various authorities of who can do what in our …

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False choices

Gates’ plan to reshape the sea services ignores superpower realities

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has shifted the target of his budget cross hairs from the Air Force (a service that has long …

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Airborne loser

To Congress for continuing to keep alive the Airborne Laser, a program so plagued by problems and delays that it was all but canceled last year. Defense Secretary Robert Gates stopped everything …

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Flashpoint: Atomic affairs

Nervousness over nuclear moves

At a near-breathless pace over a month’s time, the Obama administration released a nuclear strategy, inked a new strategic treaty, hosted an all-world atomic affair and attended a …

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Costly care

To Defense Secretary Robert Gates for saying publicly that the Pentagon is being eaten alive by ballooning health care costs, which have soared from $19 billion a decade ago to $50 billion …

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Letters: Manpower policy

Curtis Gilroy’s response to Lt. Col. Paul Yingling’s article “The founder’s wisdom” presents a strong, factual defense of an all-volunteer military [April]. Unfortunately, Yingling persists in clouding the manpower policy issues in …

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Don’t ask, don’t politicize

Retaining an apolitical stance is the armed forces’ key priority

As part of the law widely known as “don’t ask, don’t tell,” military members are required to be briefed on the homosexual …

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