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Endangered species

It’s time to save our long-range bomber fleet

In his article “Lowering risk,” [AFJ, July-August] Phillip Meilinger made the valid but largely disbelieved point that air power is the least destructive major …

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In this issue

For all the unknowns and disparate views on how best to secure cyberspace, the one point of universal consensus is that a public-private partnership is essential to success.

Our report on the …

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Afghanistan: Grave unfinished business

I write this on Sept.11, 2009, eight years after the attacks on American soil that changed the world. I read on this date how many of our congressional representatives, our allied leaders …

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Congressional bomb

To the House Appropriations Committee, for killing study funds that would be crucial to the development of a refurbished thermonuclear bomb. The White House requested the study, but the committee is refusing …

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Limits to civilian authority?

Critical thinking and moral courage outweigh loyalty

In accordance with our nation’s Constitution, military leadership is rightfully subordinate to civilian authority. For that reason, the Constitution divides military power between the legislative …

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Data bombs away

“The advent of cyberwarfare, which can go straight to the vital centers and either neutralize or destroy them, has put a completely new complexion on the old systems of making war. It …

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Know thy enemy

The concept of cyberwarfare is not new. It started to creep into the mainstream media because of repeated attacks on military and economic computer infrastructures in countries around the world over the …

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Air power’s limits

Airborne sensors and systems can’t replace boots on the ground

I read Phillip Meilinger’s article “Lowering risk: Air power can reduce civilian casualties” [AFJ, July-August] with great interest. I then re-read it …

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Transition Strategy: Pakistan in Wonderland

Can this troubled ally become the enemy of our enemies?

Pakistan is a troubled ally. Its biggest trouble, however, is that Pakistan does not see itself as the root cause of much …

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The role of a ‘cyber czar’

While cybersecurity has been much in the news lately, the magnitude of the problem is still greatly underestimated and significantly misunderstood, particularly around theft of intellectual property and the resulting economic threat …

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