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Congressional sense

To Congress, for ultimately voting to kill funds that would have extended the F-22 fighter production line. It was a long, tough fight, but eventually the Senate Armed Services Committee and, more …

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Technology’s limits

The best leader is a human, not a machine

Leadership, in its purest sense, is a human-to-human interaction. For our armed forces to remain the best in the world, it must remain …

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Defending the new Silk Road

The Internet of today is not the Internet of years past. It is an evolving entity that has a taken on a life of its own. When most Americans refer to the …

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Industry Pulse: The crowded skies

Almost overnight, everyone wants a part of the UAV market

Defense Secretary Robert Gates wants a lot more of them. Boeing has created a new defense unit to make them. EADS wants …

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The people problem

Personnel costs are overwhelming the Pentagon

During the presidential campaign, Democratic candidate Barack Obama promised that, if elected, he would “place people first” in his defense priorities, crafting benefits to ease the …

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To the White House for a dismal start to its cybersecurity campaign. When President Barack Obama pledged in May “to deter, prevent, detect and defend against attacks” and make cybersecurity a “top …

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From our online discussion board

I found myself thinking about what I think the future holds and which of the four categories I fit into, and which of my own assumptions needed to be challenged. While Hoffman …

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