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An outer space defense bargain

Much like the world’s oceans, space is now a medium that enhances and reinforces the power of the U.S. military.

However, the nature of this medium, combined with the process by which …

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Investing in readiness

The current U.S. housing crisis — with suddenly skyrocketing interest rates and unexpectedly large payments for homeowners coming due — holds some lessons for defense budget planners.

The Defense Department finds itself …

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EBO begone

To Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis for expunging the term effects-based operations (EBO) from Joint Forces Command’s doctrine. In a memo, the JFCom commander makes a clear case against EBO and its …

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Turmoil in Tokyo

Military bases and the nuclear deterrent are key to reinvigorating the U.S.-Japan alliance

Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda’s recent decision to step down in the face of implacable indecision in Tokyo has …

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Balancing strategy and budgets

“Five times in the last 90 years, the United States has disarmed after a conflict: World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and then the Cold War,” testified Defense Secretary Robert …

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Shamed into action

To the Army for its sexual assault prevention program that has been exposed for what it is: a box-check policy with no bite. How else to explain that three years after the …

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Zombies at war

Botnets can do more than attack enemy networks

A botnet is a geographically distributed group of computers, individually called zombies, which mindlessly perform instructions provided by a single computer called the command-control. …

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Analysis: Taking the lead

Allow interagency planning groups to set national security objectives

The U.S. government has a mature foreign policy formulation process but lacks procedures that ensure unity of effort in support of national objectives. …

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Incomplete security

Complacency and bureaucracy threaten DHS’ progress

Since its creation almost six years ago, the Department of Homeland Security has accomplished much in its efforts to protect the nation, but serious challenges lie …

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From our online discussion boards

Army Maj. David Bigelow responds to continuing debate on Barry Fagin and Lt. Col. James Parco’s article “A Question of Faith,” January AFJ


I fight for the ideal of individual freedom …

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