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Our shrinking, more costly force

It is common knowledge that the Pentagon is spending more in inflation-adjusted dollars today than at any point since the end of World War II.

The $635 billion appropriated in fiscal 2007 …

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Flighty facts

To attackers of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. With yawn-inducing, inside-the-Beltway predictability, those who sought to kill the F-22 have now turned their focus on to the Air Force’s next (and …

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In this issue

America is at war, new flashpoints around the world threaten our security almost daily, and force modernization has lurched to a point that almost all major military recapitalization programs are critical requirements. …

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The right defense budget

The next president must finish the 2010 defense budget, set priorities for 2011 and beyond, and conduct the next Quadrennial Defense Review — all urgent and critical tasks.

Mackenzie Eaglen sets America’s …

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Fighting words

Imprecise language = inept policies

If our troops shot as wildly as our politicians and bureaucrats fire off words, we’d never win a single firefight. The inaccurate terminology tossed about by presidents …

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