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Lt. Gen. Dennis McCarthy and Lt. Col. Erich Randall lead this month’s set of discussions with a focus on how best to organize, resource and equip the Guard and reserves to fulfill …

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Cold comfort

TO THE AIR FORCE, for its plan to spend $7.6 million on so-called “comfort capsules” to ferry senior officials aboard transport planes. Even if you buy the Air Force’s argument that the …

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Operational reserve

America’s all-volunteer force is a precious, and heavily worked, asset. The challenge lies in how to preserve it through long conflicts. Part of the answer lies in a blended active and reserve …

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Flashpoint: FARC’s fading fortunes

In one of the most daring rescues in recent history, in early July Colombian armed forces freed 15 hostages, including a former presidential candidate, from the grips of the narco-terrorist Revolutionary Armed …

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A continuum of service

We must determine whether the National Guard and reserve can be an operational reserve on a steady cycle of deployments for an indeterminate period. The nation must avoid the temptation to see …

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Audacious blueprint

TO SECRETARY ROBERT GATES, for his National Defense Strategy. It may be audaciously presumptuous for a SecDef to issue “a blueprint to succeed in the years to come” when his tenure is …

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Mobilizing the Army Guard

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the Army National Guard has called more than 400,000 soldiers to active duty to support operational requirements relating to the war on terrorism. These demands have furthered the …

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A new American mission

A clear global strategy will help define defense policy

If you ask a foreign policy question of a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, ultimately he would say that the question …

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Why Gates is wrong

DoD’s plan to use research universities is flawed

Defense Secretary Robert Gates recently launched the Minerva Consortia, an initiative meant to involve American research universities in the global war on terrorism. The …

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The threat from within

E-mail overload degrades military decision-making

If a technological or biological weapon were devised that could render tens of thousands of Defense Department knowledge workers incapable of focusing their attention on cognitive tasks …

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