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Southern Command commander Adm. James Stavridis, in his address to the Joint Warfighting conference in June, offered this appeal to service men and women and defense industry people: Read; think; write.

Everyone …

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The long recovery

Civilian organizations reach out to war wounded

On Dec. 19, 2006, Minnesota Army National Guardsman J.R. Salzman was leading a convoy to Tallil Air Base in southern Baghdad when an explosively formed …

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Revised war powers

TO JAMES BAKER AND WARREN CHRISTOPHER, co-chairs of the National War Powers Commission report, for a practical, fair and balanced proposal that deserves high-priority consideration by the next president and Congress. The …

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From our online discussion boards


A focus on efficiency over tradition in the military is long overdue. We still suffer some from a …

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Incredible performance

TO AIR FORCE acquisition assistant secretary Sue Payton. As the service’s chief weapons buyer, Payton should be held accountable for the debacle of the KC-X tanker competition. The Government Accountability Office’s scathing …

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Playing for keeps

Computers have permeated everyday life, making even the smallest task quicker and more efficient. The problem is that the efficiencies created by computers are costing us our resilience to rebound from technological …

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