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Pumping up the numbers

It was after the phone call from their boss, the secretary of defense, that the two most senior leaders of the Air Force clarified their service’s position.

“The Air Force wholeheartedly supports …

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Cold wars at sea

It might be tempting to dismiss the U.S. Navy’s potential focus on China as a passing fad — part of the now-familiar phenomena of “China fever.” Another perspective holds that this focus …

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Hedging strategies

UCAVs, budgets and improbable threats

Unmanned air vehicle development has sharply accelerated in recent years principally because UAVs can overcome a major shortcoming of manned aircraft — limited persistence — while offering …

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The fight for friends

U.S. national strategy should refocus from military operations to intelligence

Polls show that most non-Kurdish Iraqis blame the U.S. for the condition of their country and believe that their situations will improve …

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Contending with CHINA

The Defense Department’s new China Military Power Report, released in March, portrays China as a rising military power, but one whose intentions are unclear. Uncertainty over China’s future course and how that …

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Hope and skepticism

Iraqis at home and displaced weigh changes in Baghdad

Last April, this column described initial responses by Iraqi bloggers to the “surge” of American troops in their country. Writing from shattered Baghdad …

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Timely doctrine

TO THE ARMY, for the new FM 3-0 Operations Field Manual, a welcome capstone doctrine document that is long on common sense and thankfully short on acronyms and “Army talk.” This is …

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In This Issue

Emperor Qin, the first emperor of China, is a confounding character. A warrior whose many battle wins secured the victory of a unified China, Qin masterminded projects to cement that unification, including …

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Flyboys: The 21st-century Air Force is insecure in its femininity

Words have a utilitarian function in the uniformed world. We have checklists ringing with verbs, notes and warnings, and military evaluations are brimming with superlatives and exclamatory punctuation. Words are, as everywhere, …

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New answers to hard questions

Properly structured adviser teams are key to winning the Long War

Today’s strategic realities outline a world in which many states face internal and transnational threats from terrorist organizations and other violent …

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