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Flashpoint: Separation anxiety

Kosovo’s split with Serbia fuels regional tensions

While it was welcomed in some parts of the world — including Washington, London, Paris and Berlin — many other capitals viewed Kosovo’s declaration of …

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Hoisted by its own PR

Israel’s gamble on high-risk ops hastened self-defeat in Lebanon

Obscured amid the failures of Israel’s 2006 Lebanon War was the extent to which Tel Aviv’s wartime leaders were willing to wager on …

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China’s space ambitions

Nearly a decade after the U.S. clamped down on the transfer of dual-use American space technology to China, commercial aerospace cooperation between the two countries has all but died. Yet in this …

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Insurgents in Afghanistan have mastered media manipulation

U.S. officers in Afghanistan are increasingly concerned at the Taliban’s use of “information operations” to pressure the Afghan government into placing constraints on coalition operations. They say that the Taliban’s propaganda is …

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Ad nauseum

TO THE AIR FORCE, for extreme vanity. The Air Force is seeking a $59 million hike in advertising funds in 2009 — money that would buy two-thirds of an F-35A or one-third …

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The long haul

Leaving Iraq will be a logistical nightmare

The recent push by the White House to negotiate a pact with the government of Iraq concerning the long-term presence of U.S. service members in …

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Unintelligent veto

TO PRESIDENT BUSH, for vetoing legislation that would have made it illegal for U.S. intelligence officials to use waterboarding in interrogations. Waterboarding and other torture contradict the Army’s “Soldier’s Rules” of ethical …

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From our online discussion boards

“I generally agree with Prof. Milan Vego’s assessment on [mine warfare], especially the discussion on the establishment of the new Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Command (NMAWC). The new command is throwing …

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