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A question of tolerance

Had I not seen the title of Barry Fagin and Lt. Col. James Parco’s “A question of faith” [January], I would have gone through the first two pages wondering what their point …

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From our online discussion boards

“Dwelling on unlikely scenarios, or inflating threats because they have limited quantities of top-notch equipment, is not productive. Nor is it wise to dwell on anecdotal or genuine evidence of past successes …

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Carried away

The new maritime strategy is out, and for the first time in 20 years, the Navy finds itself with a new course and a new set of strategic priorities. The maritime services …

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Budget greed

TO CONGRESS, which was handed a platter piled high with $705.7 billion to spend on the U.S. military in 2009 and complained it wasn’t enough. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., worried about not …

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In this issue

Cmdr. Jerry Hendrix, commanding officer of a Navy Tactical Air Control Squadron and 2007 recipient of the Navy League’s Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for literary achievement; Karl Hasslinger, a former Navy captain …

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Dead reckoning

The U.S. Navy’s new maritime strategy sets forth a vision of the role of naval forces in defending and protecting U.S. national interests against new threats.

Cmdr. Jerry Hendrix challenges the Navy …

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Where’s the risk?

Each of the new ship designs brings its own set of potential problems:


The CVN 78 Gerald R. Ford design features a number of new elements over the previous Nimitz-class …

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Flashpoint: The cyber challenge

Cyber attacks are growing in number and sophistication

It is no secret that modern warfare is increasingly dependent on advanced computers — and no country’s armed forces are more reliant on the …

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Budget disconnect

TO THE WHITE HOUSE — finding no reason to laurel the 2009 defense spending plan, AFJ aims a third dart at the source of this lame-duck budget. It’s an election year, and …

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Taking risks

Accept no unnecessary risk.” — Navy Operational Risk Management

“Those who will not risk cannot win.” — John Paul Jones

In today’s security environment, which features an explosion of complexity and uncertainty, …

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