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An even keel

Righting the Coast Guard’s acquisition structure

The Coast Guard has been under fire in the press and on Capitol Hill for a variety of problems associated with the Deepwater fleet recapitalization program. …

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12 new principles of warfare

Now that dramatic improvements in weaponry, communications, sensors and even the utility of individual combatants have been demonstrated in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is clear that America must revise and expand its …

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For his character reference letter supporting convicted White House aide Scooter Libby.

In his May 21 letter to U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton ahead of Libby’s sentencing, Pace wrote that in national …

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Web tangle

DoD needs to clearly explain Internet-access rules

The military and the milbloggers have settled into a predictable, if not altogether comfortable pattern: A new regulation is issued to provide greater official control …

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For his surprise proposal to integrate the Gabala radar system, which Russia leases in Azerbaijan, into the U.S. missile defense system. After the highly contentious spat that escalated between Russia and the …

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The 20/20 hindsight gift

Criticizing mistakes of a few generals is unfair to the majority

As a career Army officer, I found many elements of Lt. Col. Paul Yingling’s assessment of our general officers’ leadership to …

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In this issue

“Every soldier, sailor and airman a node in the network” is the type of phrase bandied around in industry marketing materials and Pentagon briefings and, often as not, repeated in defense magazines, …

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Chinese military theorists have developed a framework for doctrine-driven reform to build a force capable of fighting and winning ‘local wars under conditions of informatization.’”

China’s effort to “informatize” its society demonstrates that no one has a monoply on the coining of nonwords.

Send nonword nominations to Jack Wittman at …

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Technology and leadership

The ubiquitous nature of data and technology, which transforms every soldier and pilot into a node in a network-centric environment, is irreparably changing existing leadership models for the military.

Until recently, collection …

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The digital battlefield

The ever-growing access to information up and down the chain of command is changing leadership models. If information means power, then the soldier has never been more empowered. On the other hand, …

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